Ealing cycling news talks about Asgard

Other bike sheds are no match for Asgard storage!

Asgard is better than Trimetals
The Asgard Addition Bike Storage Unit has been designed to store 4 road or mountain bikes... or the family bikes.   With a heavy duty construction, a weather proof finish this unit has reinforced doors, a dead bolt system and an excellent 3 point locking mechanism.   Recommended by just about every cycle magazine you can think off, look at the main cycle storage page here. 

The Ride Journal "Short of using explosives I can't see anyway that someone is getting to my bikes".

Descent World “We wouldn’t hesitate in recommending for keeping your pride and joy inside”

Cycling Plus said: 9/10 - Editors Choice.

"I prefer this over the Trimetal model, the shelving and hooks are a nice touch and not being top opening means you can store things on top"  - Ealing Cycling News
Customer reviews:
Fantastic bike storage we bought two and they are our best purchase and feel safe that the bicycles and scooters will now not be stolen. The men who installed were fantastic too they bolted them to the paving aswel. Very happy customer could not fault anything other than them being a little dear but you get what you pay for.
I have had this bike store for over 2 years now and have been delighted with it. It comes at a price, all the more so in my case because I used installers to erect it plus needed planning permission to install it in my front garden (anything taller than a specified height in your front garden needs planning permission where I live in Surrey), but it was all worthwhile. It is a bit frustrating if the bike you want out is the one at the back behind all the others but I knew that would be the case when I chose it and couldn't afford either the space or the cost of a store that holds the bikes side by side for easier access. I bought shelves and hooks and find the shelves useful but haven't used the hooks, so with hindsight wouldn't have bothered with them. No hesitation in recommending it.
Delivered on time and delivery team contacted me in advance. Easy to follow instructions and easy to install mainly on my own but some help with lid. Went together like a dream. Expensive but pay for what you get.
Good product and secure. I have applied insulation on the lid to eliminate condensation dropping on the bikes (but I am an anorak and they are all classic bikes. For installation a good stable level base is everything. I included a drainage channel below (but see comment above!) one year on and still in great condition with no problems.
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