Vertical bike locker - integral floor

Vertical bike storage - a bike locker with a metal floor

The Asgard vertical bike locker is the perfect storage solution where floor space is tight.  By storing your bike on its end, you take up less than half of the floor space of a standard bike shed. Great for outside flats, down the side of the garage or even in public areas (for local Councils).  As with all Asgard bike storage, our vertical bike locker has an integral, full metal floor.  Made from the same galvanised (weatherproof) metal as the locker, an integral floor gives the Asgard bike storage range more strength, more rigidity and much more security than other bike stores on the market.  

An integral bike shed floor helps to prevent the build-up of condensation inside the unit - by preventing moisture from rising up into the shed An Asgard will keep your bike not just save but also dry.

Vertical bike locker floor

Our Vertical bike locker also comes complete with our usual array of security features ... a 3 point, fully shielded, pick resistant lock - A tough fully galvanised construction, heavy duty solid steel door and (of course) an integral full metal floor.

What sets the vertical bike store apart from the rest is the wheel guide which is integral to the base, allowing you to easily lift your bike into the unit.

As with all Asgard products, the vertical bike locker is designed and manufactured here in the UK and supplied with a 10 year warranty.