Asgard Motorcycle Garage in Cycling Weekly

The Asgard Motorbike Storage Unit is featured in Cycling Weekly Magazine!

There are many of you out there with a passion for bikes - whether they are pedal or engine powered, or both! and if you are a 2 wheeled fan, you may have an impressive collection of bicycles, motorbikes and an assortment of riding gear and accessories accumulated over the years.  
Cycling expert Mike Hawkins, the Product and Technical Editor on Cycling Weekly Magazine says that keen cyclists can have up to 4 types of bicycles acquired over time as they become more involved with the sport, and that the passion for bikes can cross over to motorbikes and scooters as well. 
However owning so many bikes can be a problem when it comes to storing them all and suggests the Motorbike Storage unit from Asgard. This tough bike sheds is made from galvanised steel panels and designed with a unique locking mechanism to offer maximum security for your bikes and accessories.
Read the Asgard Motorbike Storage Unit feature taken from the June 2011 issue of Cycling Weekly Magazine.Cycling Weekly review for Asgard Motorbike Shed

Cycling Weekly,

June 30, 2011

‘There’s nothing shaky about that green door….’

We are really impressed with the Asgard Annexe we featured in the February 24 issue with its room for up to three bikes. But knowing you lot as well as we do, we also known that most will own more than three bikes (don’t worry your secret’s safe with us!). Which got us to thinking about what we would do if we wanted to store more. Enter the Asgard Storage garage…

With a floor area measuring five foot by nine it’ll hold quite a few more than three bikes. IN fact it’s almost high enough to stand in and can be fitted with a hook rail and a shelf so there are several options when it comes to storing bike stuff in it.

Designed for motorbikes, it’s obviously pretty robust and is built from heavy-gauge galvanized steel panels with a heavy-duty metal floor, plus a five-point locking system, meaning your bikes should be nice and safe. The garage comes with a 10-year warranty and retails for £1361.00 although currently, it’s on sale for £999. There is also a larger size again should you still need more room.

Do you have more then one type of bike you need to store? Discover the full range of outdoor bike storage units from Asgard for your bikes here.