Thatcham Cycle Security Pack Installation

Asgard Thatcham Security for Asgard Sheds.

Please note if you order any of our Ground anchors or Thatcham packs Asgard DO NOT INSTALL these as part of our installation service.
If you have an Asgard bike storage or motorcycle storage unit with a wooden subfloor and wish to add the extra strength of a Thatcham pack you will need to cut a section of the wooden subfloor out to gain access to the metal floor.
This is a simple procedure requiring no more than a hand saw and tape measure. 
We would recommend cutting the hole around 60mm more than the depth of the Ground Anchor. 
This allows a good size access hole for the chain to go through.
Cycle Security - Thatcham Approved
Cutting a hole deeper than the Anchor allows easy access for the chain.
Cycle Security - Thatcham Approved
Cycle Security - Thatcham Approved
Cutting the hole at the edge of the wooden floor is easier than the middle!