Tall Metal Caravan Site Storage Shed

Trojan tall caravan site storage

With a reputation for outstanding holiday home storage Asgard has been specified across Caravan and Holiday home parks throughout the UK.

With a tall and streamlined design, this caravan site storage unit allows for maximum storage. This is a fantastic unit for storing garden furniture, bikes, lawnmowers and BBQ's and tall items fit easily inside.

Agsard Caravan storage


What is the metal caravan site storage made from?

Our tall caravan site storage unit is made from strong weatherproof steel.


How does the metal caravan site storage work?

An integrated rain guard keeps stored items dry, while a 3 point locking system keeps them locked securely. Maximise storage with sheds and hooks.


Trojan caravan site storage customer comments

"Impressed by the quality and design. Not cheap but you get what you pay for!:" - Nigel C

"Very satisfied with service and delivery.  Instructions were easy to follow and easy to erect.  Happy with storage which we use for our caravan equipment." - BW


"We were very happy with our Asgard unit.  As a window cleaner it's perfect for storing my ladders and all my cleaning bits" -D.W. Yorkshire


"Quality British product from a quality supplier, thank you" - WE

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