Storing poison in an Asgard

Why do I need to buy an Asgard Workshop Storage unit??

The Asgard range of workshop storage units offer you safe and secure storage of your garden chemicals and tools.  Protect your pets and children from accidental poisoning in one of our galvanised steel sheds.  Suitable for use outside or inside a workshop or garage.

Poisoning in the home

"About 50 children each year are admitted to an Australian hospital as the result of poisoning, while others may not need to be admitted but will need treatment. About one third of child poisonings are caused by children swallowing medicines while two thirds are the result of children swallowing various household or garden products.  Children swallow substances that may or may not have an unpleasant taste and because their bodies are much smaller than those of adults even small amounts of such substances can do harm.

However as with the other hazards discussed in this section,prevention is the key to keeping poisons away from children. While most of these suggestions will seem obvious it is surprising how often they are overlooked

All potentially hazardous substances need to be kept under lock and key. Child proof medicine cabinets are available and should be installed and used. Putting dangerous items in a high unlocked cupboard may not be sufficient. Young children are known to be skilled at climbing on top of there frigerator to reach a high cupboard.

While some medicines and other hazardous substances are soldin childproof containers this is not always so and in any case young children have often proved to be quite skilful at overcoming this barrier!

All cleaning materials (including soap) can be dangerous if ingested by a young child so they too need to be kept in childproof cupboards.

Garages and garden sheds can contain poisonous substances so they also need to be locked so children cannot wander in and help themselves.

Parents and carers need to be vigilant putting things awayafter they have been used. It is only too easy to leave a poisonous substance out of its normal place for a few minutes only to find that a child has discovered it.

Many families keep old products, including medicines that are no longer in use.  It is advisable to go through and have a thorough clean out on a regular basis (at least twice a year).

storing paint and chemicals out of harms way

Children have been known to take and try medicines that are in the bags of visiting friends or  relatives so again parents need to be aware that if Grandma has regular medication that she carries in her purse it needs to be kept out of a child's reach when she is visiting.  The same care needs to be taken when the family is visiting other people.

Sometimes visiting trades men may dispose of an almost empty container of a poisonous substance. Parents and carers need to be particularly aware of this possibility.

Old medication needs to be disposed of appropriately. Return such items to the chemist for proper disposal.

The labels of some hazardous substances have advice that canbe followed if the product has been swallowed. It may not always be advisableto have the child vomit.

If it is suspected that a child has swallowed a hazardous substance, parents or carers can ring the Poisons Information Centre on 131 126 from anywhere in Australia.  Information is available 24 hours a day,seven days a week. Parents will be asked to provide some details about the substance ingested and will be given advice which in some cases may simple andcan be followed at home or they may be advised to take the child to the nearest hospital.

If a child has collapsed or stopped breathing ring foran ambulance".

Asgard workshop storage, ideal for storing paints and garden pesticides.