Spruce up your garden shed for summer

How to get your garden ready for the summer

With summer on the way, getting your garden into tip top condition becomes ever important. The thought of tackling your garden can be daunting to some. Where to start after months of rain and wintry weather? Gardening doesn't have to be all doom, gloom and hard work. There are plenty of things that you can do to spruce up your garden without it feeling like a chore. Here are a few projects that will not only keep you busy but will add some colour and light to your home and garden.

Paint your garden sheds and other garden buildings

Any time of the year is perfect for adding a coat of spirit based wood substance which will protect your wooden sheds panels from the external environment but why not add some colour at the same time. Red, blue or green will add a colourful change to your garden, maybe not green actually. Beige is a lovely colour for a log cabin or summer house and creates a tranquil and calming feature whilst you could add stripes, patterns or if you are an artistic person even your own drawings whatever they may be. The benefits of this project is that it has minimal cost implications and actually can be an enjoyable task, especially if you have children as you can let them choose the colour they want for the shed maybe. Not only that, is it also a great way to keep the children entertained on a Sunday afternoon.

get creative in your garden
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