Sports Storage FAQ

What is the point of your sports storage range?

Dedicated sports storage is always overlooked until it is too late. What do we mean by that??  If you are into sports in any way as a hobby, just sit back and look at how much money you have invested in your favourite past time; Fishing rods, cycles, motorbikes, your ATV, your off road dirt bikes, skis, diving equipment and so on.  You will find most of these items will not be covered by your standard house insurance.  What would you do if they were stolen??

A dedicated area can help to keep dirt and odours out of the house or garage. Think muddy motorbike or smelly fishing gear.

Your sheds seem expensive compared to B and Q plastic ones?

You get what you pay for.  All of our metal sports storage products have integral floors, weigh 10 times more than plastic (actually more) and have proper locks with keys. 

Metal will rust when I put my fishing tackle in....won't it??

No.  All of our shed products are galvanized steel.  This means they are treated against rust and we offer you a 10-year warranty.

Why are all your sports storage units different heights and widths??

We try to tailor the units to specific sports.  For example of fishing tackle storage units are tall to accommodate pole bags.  Our cycle storage units are low and wide for a better bike fit.

Why is the roof angled?

This allows rain water to fall away from the house (if you butt your unit against a house or wall) So you won't get a build up of mould behind the shed.

Why is the recommended concrete base size so much bigger than the size of the bike store?

This is so there is enough material to drill into.  If the base is the same size as the bike store, it will crumble as you drill the fixing bolts into the ground.

Do I have to bolt these sports storage units to the ground?

We do recommend you bolt the unit down to prevent potential thieves from pushing the unit over to try and break in or moving the unit.

How secure are your units?

All our metal sheds have tough, integral metal floors, no exposed fixtures, approved locking*, a security rating*, with thick heavy gauge steel, multiple locking points and floor bolts! This is what makes our units so tough!  None of the competition offers all this!!

I see some of your sports specific storage units have a wooden floor option?

These optional extras provide protection for the built in metal floor of the units, to prevent scratches and marks. They also help to prolong the life of your bike tyres and other stored equipment.

Are all your units really that heavy?

Yes.... and no. The side panels are not too bad, but the heavy duty roofs and bases are very heavy.  We would recommend 2 people build these units if opting for self-assembly.

Your High-Security Bike Store (the Annexe) is LPCB to level 1. What does this mean?

LPCB stands for Loss Prevention Certification Board. This is an organization that assessed the security qualities of all sorts of products. Products with an LPCB rating normally benefits from insurance discounts.

In essence, they give an individual a set of tools and a specific time in which to gain access to the unit.  If they fail, the unit passes.

Do these sports storage units get condensation inside?

All our units have built in vents in the roof. Though we never say never, we have found that it is rare to get excessive moisture inside our units. We at Asgard all have our own sports gear in them at home! Though you must adhere to the installation guide to ensure your unit is correctly situated, to reduce the condensation risk.

How are your hobby stores delivered?

We have our own Asgard distribution network, so we deliver each and every unit personally.  We have warehouses in Yorkshire, London and Scotland. They are supplied in panel form, for self-assembly.

Do you build the units on site?

Yes, we can, though the typical cost is between £125.00 - £185*.   The units always come with fully illustrated instructions, so they are easy enough to build yourself. Expect it to take around an hour for two people.  Be warned, some of the panels are very heavy.


*depends on the unit

See our sports storage page here.