Unique designed spacious bike storage

Spacious garden bike storage for home and garden

Have you run out of places to keep your bikes and cycling equipment? Asgard have a range of secure garden bike storage solutions, designed to give you great value bike and tool storage.  Asgard bike storage is made from galvanised (weather proof steel) and feature integral, metal bases for the best in bike storage for the home and garden..

Bike storage

Asgard design and manufacture bike storage for the home and garden in the following standard sizes:

Single Bike Locker:

Great for the casual cyclist.  Room enough to store a single bike and riding equipment.  Features a hasp and staple for your own padlock to be fitted.  Popular in citys where space is often tight and with rental accommodation where tenants supply their own padlock.

Double Bike Locker:

Our most popular town and city bike shed.  A tough 3 point locking system, with a pick and drill resistant lock barrel, perfect for down the side of a flat or house. Accessed from one end, the bike locker has a very small foot print - you would hardly know its there!

The Double Ended Bike Locker:

Designed specifically for the town and city cyclist.  Accessed from both ends, this bike store can hold 2 bikes and riding equipment in two separate compartments.  Each bike is stored, locked and accessed independently of each other – coupled with the small footprint, this is the Perfect bike store for the side of rental house where tenants need separate access to their bikes.

The Addition 3 bike shed:

Our 1st ever bike shed – and still a big seller for us!  With a solid roof, heavy duty doors, 3 point pick and drill resistant locking system this is the original Asgard bike shed – hailed by Bike Radar as the best bike shed they had ever seen.

Asgard bike storage

The Access:

4 bike shed – The number one selling bike shed for Asgard.  Double door access AND a lift up lid, give you unequalled access to your bike and riding equipment.  Store 4 bikes and all of your riding and maintenance equipment in one secure, UK made bike shed. – This shed features a 3 point locking system and a gas lift to help to lift the roof.

The Annexe:

Insurance approved bike shed.  If you are really looking for the best protection for your bike, then the Annexe is the bike shed for you.  Looks just like the Addition, but is “beefed up” extra thick doors, claw locks, 5 point locking and dead bolts!!!!

And more bike storage ….

Asgard offer even more….. take a look through our bike storage category and find bike storage solutions for 1,2,3,4,6,8 and more bikes…..

Asgard bike storage is not just super secure…. Recommended by the press ….., it looks good too. With its unique design and choice of colours, Asgard bike storage blends into any outdoor environment. Choose from:

  • Green
  • Ivory
  • Brown

You can pick the best colour to match your outdoor environment.


My Asgard looks discreet outside the front of my house

“I've had this product for over a year now. It still looks new. The quality of the components is top notch. Regarding the subject - several people have asked me or my wife where we got this from as we've been leaving/arriving. It sits at the front of our property on a fairly busy London street, but manages to look quite discrete, despite it being able to hold four bikes. One thing I like about this shed is that the struts are all internal. There is nothing on the outside of the unit to tempt anyone to try and take/bend/damage etc. I poured a concrete base for it. Setting it up was straightforward and the instructions were clear. It is also worth adding the shelf/hook package when you order. The hooks are good for locks/tyres etc. and I keep a few items on the shelves also. This still leaves room for four bikes. I would also point out that Asgard’s after sales service is excellent. The incorrect sized shelves were delivered with the item, but as soon as I'd contacted them about this, a replacement was sent out immediately.” Mr T

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