School Storage FAQ

Here is a list of the most common questions for our range of secure outdoor storage sheds for storing sports and school supplies.

How do we know what accessories go in each unit?
There is a 'School Package' section on the Asgard website which lists the most popular accessories for each unit. These can be used as a guideline and our customer services team will be happy to discuss your individual requirements.

Can you delivery before the school opens or during the holidays?
We don't allow deliveries during normal school hours. Asgard has been supplying schools and education establishments for many years. So, we can appreciate that delivery times can be limited. We will work around school opening or break times where ever possible. If you have a specific delivery time available, just let us know and we will do our best to deliver/install at that time

Can we obtain quotations to submit to Governors?
Yes of course, we can email or fax full and detailed quotations over to you giving a breakdown of each item.

We would like to put a storage unit on our playing field. Is this ok?
Asgard units are a full steel product and extremely heavy so it is important that they are built on a firm, level surface such as concrete, tarmac or paving slabs and our fitters will bolt the unit down for additional security.

Why do I need a wooden sub floor when ordering a Centurion or Gladiator?
Because these two units are supplied in two sections (a front and a back), when the two sections are bolted together on the inside there is a ridge of steel running the width of the unit. The sub floor drops down either side of this ridge creating a level surface for people who walk into the unit.

How many keys are supplied with the unit and can I get replacements if we lose them?
Two keys are supplied as standard with Asgard units but in the event they are lost then we can supply extra keys. Please phone the Asgard customer services team for details.

We have a very strict health and safety policy - are the Asgard School Sheds suitable for children use?
The Asgard Storage Sheds have been designed and manufactured in a way that they are very safe to use. The units have a smooth paint coat finish and have no exposed screw ends. Some of the sheds in the school storage range feature large double door access and a ramp of easy and convenient access. There is also a wooden floor which sits on top of the integral metal base and the unique locking mechanism can be unlocked from the inside.

As a school, we don't have the facility to pay for goods up front. Do you provide any other option?
Yes we do, the majority of schools and nurseries will automatically have an account opened for them at the time of ordering so will be able to invoice you once the work has been completed.

Do you make site visits?
Asgard units are so easy to install providing you have a firm, level surface so we do not make site visits. However, if you are concerned about your space available or the base it is going on we are more than happy to receive an email with an image of the area attached and we will be able to advise if it will be suitable.

We don't want people installing units on school premises when the children are playing outside. Will this be a problem?
No not at all and our Dispatch and Installation team are more than happy to deliver at times to suit you. Also, we can arrange to install units with the minimum amount of disruption so avoid playtimes etc.

What do we get with each School Storage Pack?
To help you decide which School Pack is right for your school or nursery, we have put together a handy compare function on the right hand side of the website. More information can be found in the School Storage Section on the Asgard website.

Do you have any bigger units available??
We certainly do. We can add as many extensions to our units as you wish. Giving you plus 1 and plus 2 versions of our most popular Gladiator and Centurion units.

For more information on our School Storage Packs, see our School Storage range here.