Save your motorbike from theft this winter

Winter motorbike storage

Motorbike theft is a problem that doesn't simply go away just because the weather is colder. Thieves don't mind braving the icy chill and a bit of wind or rain. In fact with the cloak of darkness arriving earlier and earlier in the day, thieves have more opportunities to make off with goods. For the experienced thief, theycan get away with a motorcycle in around 18 seconds and in winter your motorbike is at just as much risk. 

Motorcycle theft prevention

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Choose Asgard to protect your motorbike

When it comes to keeping your motorbike stored during the winter, you want something that will keep your motorbike safe from the risk of theft, as well as dry and protected from the winter weather.

Our metal motorbike garage offers just that. This strong, durable garage is manufactured from tough weatherproof steel and is fitted with a number of heavy duty features. 

The Asgard motorbike garage has:

  • An integral metal floor
  • Reinforced doors, hinges and panels
  • A 5 point locking mechanism
  • Large double doors
  • An easy access ramp
  • A pick resistant lock 

As well as these heavy duty features, this storage unit has been approved by the UK Locksmith Association. In this metal garage, your motorbike and accessories with be safe and dry all winter long.