Protect your bikes from the snow in an Asgard

How to protect your bike from the snow

The Britsh weather is never good, so when storing your bike you need to be sure your cycle storage shed is secure and weather proof.  Asgard bike sheds are made from heavy duty weatherproof steel, so they are very secure.  Around the roof of this tough bike shed are a number of hidden vent holes - these discreet slots allow air flow inside the unit - keeping moisture down to a minimum.  Without effecting the security of the unit. 

Asgard have been producing the best in cycle storage for many years.  The recent bad weather holds no fear for the owners of Asgard bike stores!!!  

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what is the best way to store you bikes in the winter snow

How to prepare your cycle for winter storage 

When it comes to bike maintenance,there are two kinds of cyclists, those intimate with their bikes,who lovingly wash, lubricate and maintain their trusty steed throughout the cycling season and the normal people.

Do you need to lubricate the cables or chain before storing the bike?

  • My tip is if you are not using your bike for a while - Keep everything lubricated.
  • If you are not planning to use your bike for some months, make sure you clean your bike thoroughly! 
  • Get ALL the dirt off, dirt will rust your bike, if it becomes damp through the winter.
  • Then, lubricate the chain and othermechanisms.  DO NOT USE WD40,
  • You should always use bike specific lubricants such as GT85 and Finish line oils.  These are not expensive (£7.00for both). WD40 attracts all sorts of yukky stuff and will soon clog up your mechanism one you start cycling again.
  • I use paint thinner (meths) to clean my chain right down, then thoroughly oil it up.  This prevents any of the links from rusting or becoming stiff.  You can buy a chain cleaner from ebay for around £5 that clamps to your bike and brushes your chain cleanin seconds.  Use plenty of oil after, then lightly rub the excess off.
  • A drop of thin oil inside the brake levermechanism will help to keep them in tip top shape. Preventing seizure.
  • I then spray some GT85 on a rag and ruball the body work down, GT85 acts as a cleaning/polishing agent AND will giveyour bike an extra bit of protection.

Should the tires be inflated or deflated?

  • They should be inflated. They will deflate over the winter months. If you store your bike in an unheated garage you can take the tires off and bring them inside to a heated area. This will protect the rubber on the tires.

Should I hang the bike up?

  • You can hang your bike on a wall or ceiling, or just turn it upside down so there's no weight on the tires.

Will direct sunlight harm the bike?

  • Don't store your bike in direct sunlight. Unless your windows are new and UV protected, sunlight can dry and split the side walls of the tires.

Do steel-frame bikes need any special attention in the winter months?

  • If steel-frame bicycles are left in an unheated garage the metal can get cold enough for condensation to build upinside the tubing. This causes rusting. It's best to store these bikes in a heated area, or pre-treat the steel frame with rust-proofing oil.  Should you use an Asgard bike store you can be sure that condensation will be kept toa minimum, due to the hidden roof vents and spacious design.  If in doubt,a bag of salt left in the shed/garage will absorb any moisture in the air.

What about other bike bits?

  • Take the batteries out of any lights, a little squirt of GT85 in any bike tools will keep them in good order.
  • Make sure you wash the liner of your bike helmet to remove any bacteria (Milton Fluid is great for this) this will stop the helmet from smelling.
  • Wash your riding shoes well.  Again,any dry mud mixed with light dampness will just rot the shoes through the winter.

Keep It Simple

  • If you are lazy or don't have the time to do the above, simply take the bike to your local bike shop.  For around £30 they will prepare your bike ready for winter, then lock it up in your bike shed and wait for the sun!

Keep your bike dry and safe through the winter in metal cycle storage.