Save time on your online deliveries

Stop wasting time waiting for the postman

We’ve all been there, eagerly waiting for an online purchase to be delivered afraid to leave the house just in case we miss it. What’s even worse is if it doesn’t turn up that day at all! Think about what you could have been doing with that time.

The Asgard parcel delivery box is here to help! Our small parcel delivery box can accept deliveries when you can’t. Best of all it’s simple and easy to use.

To use the small parcel box:

  • Leave it unlocked for the postman
  • They simply lift the lid, place the parcel inside and turns the lock
  • Your parcel is now safely inside
  • When you return unlock your parcel box and retrieve your parcel

For security this box has been fitted with a strong secure lock, to keep your parcels safe and is also made from weatherproof steel, leaving your parcels nice and dry.

Home delivery box

Customer review of the Asgard small Parcel Delivery Box

“We are very, very pleased with our Asgard Parcel Delivery Box. It is extremely high quality and was very easy to put up. We have had no problem with deliveries since and it is fantastic knowing that your parcels are locked safely away once they've arrived. Your additional notices (for location of parcel box and how to lock it once you've placed parcels in it) have worked a treat. I would recommend this unit to any homeowner - gone are the days of traipsing down to Royal Mail to collect parcels - thank goodness! I'd also like to thank you for your excellent customer service –a first class service. Many thanks” Anne

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