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Believe it or not summer has gone. Did you miss it? So did we! So, now is the time for most of us to think about packing the bike up for the winter. I certainly won't be braving the icy roads on only two wheel this winter. The long term forecasts predict the same kind of weather as last year not good for us 'summer' bikers.

The Summer  - Did you miss it?
The Summer - Did you miss it?


So what to do with the bike?

Outside in the yard/garden or outside of the house. Not ideal, you can only rely on the bikes built in alarm so much. A decent, organised thief will soon have the bike on the back of a truck and gone. Also, you shouldn't really have your bike exposed to the elements, a plastic sheet is not really adequate protection from the British weather. If you HAVE to leave it outside then consider some additional security measures such as a ground anchor or an additional alarm system.

The ground anchor:

A superb value effective security system. Our ground anchor packs also include a tough sold secure ( chain. Simply bolt the tough, solid metal anchor to the ground using the supplied bolts and thread the toughen/hardened chain around your bike and through the anchor. It's as simple as that.


Disc alarm:

New to us here at Asgard but they have been an instant hit. The principle is simple. Click one of these to your disc brake, press the arm button and there you go. The bike can't be physically moved because the disc is locked and thanks to the advanced movement sensor, if the bike is moved a 110db siren goes off (you can also use it as a lock only the siren can be switched off) We love these, such a simple idea, but so effective. We have had these on trial for a few weeks now and never had a false alarm.

 This is a small section of a guide from our blog. - click to read the rest of the article.