Mobility scooter storage case study

What do customers think of the mobility scooter garage?

"My first impression was on delivery of the parts of the shed: the delivery men were excellent; very careful with their handling and couldn't be more helpful, giving me tips on the assembly that proved invaluable. Assembly was remarkably straight forward, given the number of parts and the weights and sizes involved. I had to do the assembly single-handed, but this was no problem. The instruction diagrams were clear and obvious to follow,and during assembly I was frequently noticing just how cleverly thought-out is the design down to the finest detail - everything just flowed together and potential difficulties had obviously been foreseen and averted".

Mobility Scooter Storage From Asgard Secure Steel Storage

"The completed shed is superb! Everything about the shed testifies to its quality. The wood floor is a boon: apart from providing a smooth, comfortable base it also deadens quite a lot of the metallic booming sound that was noticeable during assembly.

Our use of the shed has nothing to do with motorcycles!! My wife is disabled, so we use the shed to store her disability "trike"(  a front wheel attachment converts her wheelchair into a mechanised trike with an electric motor that whizzes her along at up to 16 mph). We have especial needs of easy access and copious accommodation, and this it provides.She particularly appreciates the convenience and ease of use of the fitted ramp, and the double doors that allow a wide entry space. Headroom is fine and the generous proportions of the shed allow plenty of freedom of movement around her trike. And we are comfortable knowing that the shed is very secure, yet easy to lock / open.

Arthritis is not a pleasant affliction, but that does not mean we can't enjoy a quality of life. Our set-up with the disability trike andits spanking new storage shed gives her a facility she takes pleasure in using(see the attached photo). Thank you for supplying such a cleverly thought out and functional product". Peter and Jackie