Metal Shed - Heavy Duty Metal Shelf Kits

Metal shed accessories 

The Asgard Metal Shed range offers a range of tough, high quality shed accessories. Our shelf kits are specifically designed to complement our range of sheds. Each shed has a unique set./pack of shelves, so please check before ordering.
Metal Shed Shelf Packs
Asgard heavy duty shelf packs are available in different pack and size options depending on the type of Asgard shed. When purchasing make sure you choose the correct colour to match your shed. 

Each shelf kit is made from the same tough, weather-resistant steel as the main sheds, ensuring longevity and strength.  As such, each shelf pack comes with the standard free 10 year Asgard warranty.  To order the correct shelf kit, go to the product page of the unit you are looking at and select from the right-hand side.

If unsure, please check with our customer services department via Live Chat or