Metal Shed Doors and Security

Reinforced metal sheds

With a range of high-security LPCB (Loss Prevention Certification Board), Secured by Design (Police) and UK Locksmith approved sheds, Asgard are leaders in shed security. Utilising over 50 years of manufacturing experience, and a combination of design and engineering skills, many of our units feature additional security features to beat the thieves and make us one of the best metal storage manufacturers in the market.

Reinforced secure sheds
To make our metal sheds as secure as possible, we manufacture them in the UK from heavy-duty galvanised steel with integral metal bases, creating 360-degree protection around your bikes, motorcycles or gardening equipment. Our high-security sheds feature reinforced components, with additional bracing bars and reinforced hinges on the doors giving our units unequalled strength and security.

All our high-security sheds feature a 5-point locking system, meaning that it secures the door in 5 separate places; across the middle at the lock and 4 deadbolts at the top and bottom of each door for extra security, this stops any thieves trying to peel back the door to gain entry. The doors also feature a high-quality lock which is EN1303 rated durable, corrosion, temperature and pick-and-drill resistant. In an attempted break-in, the handle is also designed to shear off, preventing the thieves gaining entry and keeping your belongings safe. All these features (and more!) work together to gain our Loss Prevention Certification Board certification.

Put to the test
To gain our Loss Prevention Certification Board and Secured by Design status, our sheds had to go through independent rigorous testing. This test involves using the following tools to simulate an opportunist attack: adhesive tape, 1 cable cutter – 150mm long, fishing line, flexible plastic coupon, 1 glass cutter, hexagon wrenches, hooks, 1 knife – blade 125mm long x 3mm thick, 1 lever, pliers, punches (and kicks), rope, 1 screwdriver, 1 scriber, socket/screwdriver set, spanners, traction screws, tweezers, wire, WD40 and wood/plastic wedges.

We work with the Loss Prevention Certification Board, UK Locksmith and Secured by Design (Police) organisations to ensure our sheds are as secure as possible, giving us access to any crime trends or advice to improve our shed security. So you can be confident and have peace of mind that our sheds have been put to the test, and your pride and joy is safe and secure.

For the ultimate outdoor security, an Asgard high-security shed is what you need. These sheds have a number of heavy-duty features to help keep your stored items protected.

Take a look at the Asgard range of high-security sheds.