Metal Parcel Boxes

Parcel delivery boxes - customer comments

"If you like shopping online then unless you are at home most of the time you are probably used to either missing your deliveries and having to make arrangements for redelivery or having to wait at home for a delivery to arrive. This home delivery box is designed to get around that problem. The box is a tough metal parcel safe that is left unlocked so that the courier can leave items in the box, push the locks in to lock the contents safely inside and then you can retrieve them when you get home. There is a plaque attached to the top of the box with instructions on how to use for a delivery person to read. 

The box is delivered assembled and then you need to bolt the box to the ground using the supplied fixing kit. While technically it's not difficult to install (drill 6mm holes into a firm level surface like pavers or concrete, then use a 13mm spanner to screw in the self-cutting bolts) it is quite a physical job and it took me quite some time and effort to screw the bolts all into the holes. 

It won't be the answer to all deliveries, i.e. signed for, very large packages, but it could be a very handy 'safe place' for a number of deliveries that are too big to get though the letter box. It's certainly been very useful for us since we installed it. Just leave a little note on the door so the delivery person knows that you have a parcel safe and where it is. Our post lady is very pleased that she can offload our larger post deliveries whether we are in or not". - AK - Derbyshire Top 100 Uk reviewer

"Top drawer!"

"Simple enough to use and decent build quality"

"A Really great idea. This has really helped me in the run up to my daughters wedding. I was able to order everything online and not have to worry about waiting around for the post man". -S.T 

"Good stuff, surprisingly strong, I didn't expect it to be quite that good". - Online

"Ivory colour is excellent, blends in really well with our country cottage style".

"I collect stamps and oftern order online. After repeated issues with the post office and couriers leaving packages in the rain I decided a box would be the answer. So far 7 orders have been delivered and have remained dry and in perfect condition". - section of on line review 

"Great little product. Well worth looking at. The window stickers were a great idea, as I have my box around the back of the house away from prying eyes on the street"

"We ordered ours for the stable. An odd choice I know, but a big brown lockable box is perfect for our regular horse medication to be dropped off when we are not there". - Jim

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