Metal garages offer the best motorcycle security

Motorcycle security 

When it comes to motorbike theft .. we hate it!!  So Asgard designed a range of secure motorcycle storage garages specifically to help to beat motorbike theft. Cheaper and more secure than a "REAL" garage and more secure than leaving it on the road - our garages are made from heavy duty steel panels, weather proof and UK Locksmiths approved!  Vented roof and side panels keep condensation down to a minimum and the 5 point (pick resistant) lock takes care of security... oh and the unit can be bolted to the ground, just in case you think someone may be able to move this 53 Stone in weight shed.
As a stand alone garage you may find your insurance is reduced, as your bike will be classed as "garaged" chuck in one of our Sold Secure chains and locks and you have a Sold Secure, Locksmiths approved, stand alone garage... but without planning permission needed and no builders digging up your garden or drive way.
All for under a grand!
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Customer comments:
"The motorcycle shed is great, really good quality and seems robust. My wife and I put it up and it was really simple. It did take longer than we thought but that was because I was the only one putting the screws in. One point to note I put a lot of screws in that I then had to remove to put the screw cover plates on.That should have been highlighted. Also there needs to be a small over hang above the doors as rain water collects between the doors and the door frame which dumps on you when you open the door. Otherwise it is brilliant." - Brian
metal motorcycle garages
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