Metal bike storage shed reviews

We have found another review -  the Asgard Access metal bike storage shed

Everynow and then we find an Asgard review submitted some where online.. here is one for the Access bike shed. This shed will store up to 4 bikes in a safe and secure manner inside its fully galvansie, heavy duty construction.  Great for either the family bikes or the pros!!!


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Customer comments:

"At £450 ish this is similar in size to the other metal shed reviewed here. The main difference is this is a lot more robust. Again this unit is supplied flat packed, and also features 2 locking points at the front,this time though at the top and unlike the other metal shed, the locks arehidden from view behind some chunks of steel.

Like the wooden unit, two double doors give you access toyour bikes and equipment plus a lift up lid on gas struts make it a breeze to open. This unit does come with anintegral metal floor, so considerably more secure than the other two unitsdiscussed here, it makes this shed really heavy. The other plus is the screws are fixed from the inside, effectively you have to build the unit from the inside out. This really makes this unit nice and secure. The downside is there are anawful lot of screws involved in this unit, yes it will be secure but a pain toput together. All together by far the strongest unit we have tested." - The Shed Men


the shed men review asgard sheds
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