Protect your most valuable cycles

Asgard bike security sheds

"Thanks for the email.  We've been very pleased with the bike store. Very solidly constructed but extremely neat-looking from the outside (we've got the brown, which is a good match to York-stone coloured paving and deep red brick of the side wall). The pad locking system, which I was initially unsure about, works very easily. It has attracted the attention of a neighbour (in a good way) and we've recommended it to them! The only thing that I think purchasers need to be aware of is that the panels come unpackaged and (as you warn beforehand) are very heavy.  We were able to construct it immediately it was delivered but if we had not been then it would have been somewhat difficult to store.  This is not a typical 'flat-pack' bit of kit, but that is a good thing!"

a good locking system on the Asgard metal bike sheds

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