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Asgard "Surprisingly good metal shed products"

Surprisingly GoodMetal Shed Customer Reviews

"This was a huge purchase for me, not just in terms of monetary value, but also this was my first ever online purchase. So this review is most definitely from a net novice.The first question is: Why did I want a metal shed from Asgard and not go down to B and Q? After recently selling my business I have decided to get back into shape and get back into cycling. So on a whim, I went out and spent £4300 on a titanium bike. As soon as I went out for my 1st ride I was stopped half a dozen times by admirers, which was not good, as I don't want to be noticeable (not with these thighs!). Then I had to think about where to store it, hidden from view. The garage was the obvious place, but I like everything to have its place, me in the house, car in the garage, lawn mower in the shed and my new bike in a bike store.I chose the Annexe bike store, because it looked good and surprisingly did not look like a bike store which is even better. This was the only bike store I could find with a floor, which is crazy. Why would you buy a shed without a floor in it? I also paid £100 for installation (I'm too delicate for screwdrivers!)."

bike storage for 3 bikes

"The service was 1st rate from the start. I phoned for more information about the products and advice on which was the best bike store for me given my own circumstances and needs - also to get a feel for the company. The customer support lady I spoke to was very helpful and knew lots about the actual products and her colleague new everything about cycling. I decided to pay online, then phoned them to check they got the order which they did. I found the online ordering very simple, even for an internet novice. I was phoned 3 days before delivery to check that I was in and ready to accept the shed. Unfortunately I was not,  Asgard simply postponed delivery a week, phoned again the following week and a time and day was arranged. The shed turned up at 9.32am, 28 mins early! The two guys who delivered also installed and took them around 20 mins to do. Including bolting the unit down to the ground.10 mins later I had my bike, two back packs, water bottles, spare tyres etc. all in and locked up safely. The locking system is easy to use, this is the only shed I have ever seen with a proper handle on it and a real key! I hate padlocks.There is plenty of room inside for a second bike if I wish to buy another.It does not look out of place hidden behind my bbq area. It came with 3 keys. I understand if I lose the keys the doors have to be cut off to get in, so spares are useful. Nice touches that were not apparent when I ordered the unit, A rain guard above the main door is excellent. When I have the doors open, it guides the water away from dripping inside. The roof slopes forward, this gives extra height at the back for hanging items at the back.You can swap the door handing, I can have the doors on the left or right.All in all a good 1st online experience".

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