Metal Garden Shed FAQ

Common Garden shed questions.

Your sheds seem so expensive compared to my local diy shop.  What is the difference between your sheds and the catalogue shop/diy store ones for £99.00?

Asgard use much heavier steel than the low budget sheds available from Argos.  This means our sheds are much stronger and heavier, so much more secure. All Asgard sheds are built inside out  i.e, the screws and fixtures are inside the unit and not on show.  The budget versions always have fixings on the outside and are exceptionally vunerable to breakins.  Asgard also have high quality 3 or 5 point locking, no other shed on the market offers thislevel of security. Many of the Asgard sheds are insurance approved.

Are Asgard sheds fire proof?

Asgadr sheds are not fire rated in any way.

Why do your sheds have built in floors?  Most other sheds do not. 

For extra strength and security.  Our tough floors add weight and strength to all our units.  Also, a solid floor stops moisture from the ground rising into the unit and causing condensation inside the unit.

Are the units manufactured in the UK?

Yes, we manufacture all product here at our factory in Bradford,West Yorkshire.  We have over 50 years fabrication experience and a long history of engineering and manufacturing excellence.  We also have offices in London and Scotland and deliver Asgard units throughout the country.

How do I place an order?

Orders can be placed directly through the website or you can place your order directly over the phone with a member of our customer services team.

Are Asgard units weather proof?

Yes, all Asgard units are manufactured from galvanised steel so are completely weather proof and won't rust. 

How do I look after my new shed? 

Units are relatively maintenance free andto keep in tip top condition we ask you wash the unit down every few months with warm soapy water and oil / grease the hinges.  Treat any deep scratches with a rust inhibitor before painting over with touch up pain which we can supply, simple!

Are your sheds kept in stock??  I would like my shed shipped on a next day delivery.

No all our units are made to order, theneach and every panel is inspected by hand. We do keep some stock of the our home delivery units as we ship those products out by courier.

Do I need to have a special base?

All units must be built on a firm, level surface such as concrete, tarmac or paving slabs so the weight of the steel can distribute itself correctly.

Is there any chance they can blow away in severe weather conditions?

This would be extremely rare!  All Asgard products are made from heavy duty steel so are very heavy and solid.

How many keys are supplied with each unitand can I get replacements should I loose them?

Two keys are supplied as standard and should you loose a key you can always purchase replacement by calling our customer services team.

I'm not very good at DIY do you offer a building service?

Yes we do we offer a full installation service on all our units for an additional cost.  Please ensure you have a firm, level surfacein place prior to delivery and installation taking place.  Our fitters will build and bolt your unit down for additional security.

Whats the wooden floor for?? I thought all your sheds had a full metal floors?

The wooden floor acts as a protector for your metal floor, to prevent scratches and damage to your shed base.  In the motorcycle units, the floor protects your tyres from damage.

How long will I wait for my shed to arrive once I've placed an order?

Each product is made to order and each panel checked individually so normally 3-4 weeks  these are a high quality product so well worth the wait!

Do I have to be home to accept delivery?

No we will always contact you before hand to book a firm date for delivery to take place but if you can't be on site then as long as there is somewhere safe for us to store the unit for you, that will be fine as we don't need a signature.

I'm going away on holiday when the deliverydate is due.  Will this be a problem?

No not at all  just phone our customer services team and let us know when you are away and we will hold the unit for you and re arrange an alternative delivery date when you have returned from your holiday.

I would like to grow plants over my Asgard garden shed.  Can I?

A tricky question to answer.  No not really, if you put plants on or too near an Asgard you will encourage moisture which will lead to condensation inside your shed.  It can be done, but we would not recommend you do so.

Key features of Asgard metal garden sheds