Why Asgard motorcycle garages?

Asgard secure motorcycle storage

The Asgard range of Motorcycle storage units offer incredible motorbike security. We believe these are the "best motorcycle storage" units available. We offer two distinct designs the motorcycle storage garage and the motorcycle garage plus.


"Both of these units are the "best way to store a motorbike" combining first class British engineering, fantastic affordability and unrivaled security features".


"Much better than a simple motorcycle cover - Great quality product a simple way to store a motorbike"


Why Asgard?

Our Motorcycle Garages are secure units designed to protect your motorbikes or cycles from theft and the weather. As with all Asgard units, these bike garges are built from thick, heavy gauge galvanized steel panels and feature a built in heavy duty metal floor.  Giving our units immense strength security.

These secure bike garages use an exceptional 5 point locking systems, featuring a pick and drill resistant lock and internal dead bolts - just in case that is not enough security for you we have had our motorcycle storage units tested and approved by the UK Locksmiths Association!

Our motorcycle storatge packs come with a heavy duty access ramp, 50mm wooden subfloor (sits over the integral metal floor to protect your tyres), an electrical mounting plate, for adding power to the unit and a specially designed helmet and leathers hook set. So everything you need to get your motorcycle and all your riding equipment stored safely.  

Finally, our motorcycle units feature a unique ventilation system built into the roof which has been designed to allow exhaust fumes to escape and allows air flow around the inside of the unit, keeping condensation to a minimum.

As with all products in the Asgard range our Motorcycle Garages come with a 10 Year Warranty as standard.


Motorbike Storage from Asgard


The Asgard Motorcycle Garage:

6ft 7" (2032mm)
5ft (1524mm)
9ft 1" (2771mm)
294 KG (46.2 Stone)
1690mm x 1420mm
1730mm x 3215mm

Door Aperture:
Base Size:
The Asgard Motorcycle Garage Plus:

6ft 7" (2032mm)
5ft (1524mm)
10ft 9" (3317mm)
334 kg
1690mm x 1420mm
1730mm x 3790mm


Motorcycle Storage Garages From Asgard


Asgard steel storage manufacturers

Asgard, a traditional design and manufacturing plant based in the UK. All of our unique designs are designed in house by a team of engineers. Engineers who using sophisticated design techniques can maximise strength and rigidity of our metal sheds. Properties which are unequalled by any other manufacturer and our commitment to a 10 year warranty is your assurance that the Asgard ranges of metal garden sheds, bike stores and motorcycle storage unit are the very best available. Asgard partner some of the largest retailers in their sector, supplying metal products across the UK to hundreds of businesses.   Never confuse our garden storage sheds with cheap and flimsy substitutes or plastic alternatives. Just read some of our customer testimonials or read about the major UK organisations who use and recommend our products Asgard products are stronger, thicker, more secure than other products. They are fire resistant, Loss Prevention Certified * and maintenance free - giving value for money and long term satisfaction.


Over 50 years experience in metal design and quality 

Asgard take great pride in our reputation. As part of the Flexiform group we have the latest manufacturing equipment at our disposal. Our own fleet of delivery vehicles and a history of supplying some of the biggest corporate names in the UK.


For further information about our Motorbike Security Storage see our main motorbike garage pages.