Locksmith approved Motorcycle Storage

What does the UK Locksmiths Association thinks of Asgard Motorcycle storage?

Our range of Motorcycle storage offers unbeatable security for you motorbike - with 5 point locking, pick resistant locks and heavy duty - reinforced panel construction AND vented roof and sides, No wonder this unit has been UK Locksmiths Accredited.  Read more below-

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Tough Motorcycle stores made in the UK
The review:

"The motorbike is away from prying eyes protected from the elements and secure. You have no worries about high winds catching your bike cover like a sail or minute stones/grit  rubbing against your paint work as you would with a well used material bike cover. You can chain your bike internally which in heavy rainfall is a luxury. If you forget to chain your motorbike on the odd occasion no one will know. Great for also storing bike related items oils, chain lubes, original indicators etc"

asgard use only approved locking systems
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