Motorcycle garages with full metal floor

Motorcycle garage with full metal floor

The large motorcycle garage from Asgard is the best way to keep your motorcycle safe from theft and the British weather.  Our all metal garage is made from strong weatherproof steel and features a full integral metal base for strength and stiffness.  The added benefit of an integral base is it can be bolted down to the ground using the supplied ground fixing kits.  See our ground kits here.

The integral base is just one innovative feature of this unit ... with a 5 point locking system, internal dead bolts, a pick and drill resistant lock, bracing bars and reinforced doors the Asgard motorcycle storage garage has been reviewed and accredited by the UK Locksmiths Association. 

Large motorcycle garage with metal floor

The image above shows the our motorcycle storage garage with the included protective wooden floor*, on top of the full metal floor.  This "sub floor" is included with the motorcycle garage and is designed to protect both the shed floor and your motorbike tyres.  

The wooden sub floor is made from OSB board, we find this is the best compromise between hardwearing and environmentally sound.

In the image you can also see our Universal loading ramp. This heavy duty ramp makes it that little easier for your to wheel your bike into the garage.  This ramp is included in the in the Motorcycle garage pack as standard.

Asgard motorcycle garages have a wide range of features. See the Asgard full range of motorcycle storage to find out more.