Garden Security From Asgard

How big are our units?

A Centurion Plus 2 is the daddy of high security units. This is huge, a staggering 14.5 ft long, this beast is made up of a standard Centurion - plus 2 (hence the name) of our extension units.  Each of the extension units is made from the same tough galvanized (weather proof) steel as the main unit. Thanks to the unique Asgard design, the extensions lock into the rest of the unit, so you can just keep extending as many times as you want, without any compromise in security just keeping adding and adding extensions, shelves and sub floors to suit your needs.

inside the giant garden shed from Asgard
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"fantastic shed"

"It is about fifty times more secure than the cheapo metal sheds you find in the Argos catalogue" 
"Well made and well engineered"
"Good, solid, value for your money"