Is this the poshest shed in the world?

Hidden treasure in garden shed

You will not believe what is in this Derbyshire shed!

Shed image, scruffy old shed on the outside, but inside ...

Forget re-arranging deck chairs on the Titanic - one man's gone full steam ahead and lovingly recreated the famous old liner in his garden shed.

John Siggins, from north Derbyshire, has built a copy of a cabin and dining room from the doomed vessel using wood and mementos from its sister ship the Olympic.

And the history-filled hut comes complete with a chair used by Titanic's captain Edward Smith (when he commanded the Olympic) which had been gathering dust in his back bedroom. While most men are happy just pottering at the back of their house, Mr Siggins, 60, wanted to do something to mark the centenary of Titanic's fateful voyage.

What treasures lie within this ordinary-looking shed? look below to find out...

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