Insurance approved sheds from Asgard

Asgard Sheds are Approved by our Customers

"The shed is also exactly as advertised and due to it and the additional anchor point and chain I purchased I now feel a lot more confident the contents will still be there when returning from a trip etc.. It also appears to be extremely well built and shows no signs of wear.

tough centurion metal shed
I did decide, a week after the shed was installed that it needed some shelves and quickly ordered these. My mistake was that I thought these would be off the peg items and therefore received quickly, but the shelves took about the same time to be made and delivered as the shed. This surprised me, but should not be viewed as a criticism as on delivery they were found to contain all the necessary parts and to be constructed to the same high quality as the shed.In short then, a very stress free process and what appears to be a great product".
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