How to move a built up Asgard shed

Top Tips For Moving Built Up Asgard Sheds

A frequent question on our Live chat is "Can I move my Asgard shed once it is built up?"

The answer is "yes"- sort of ...

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If your shed isn't too big and heavy (small sheds such as the Addition Bike Storage units), moving it is reasonably easy (even on your own) assuming the ground is reasonably flat and that the unit has not been bolted to the ground.
Simply get two pieces of OSB Board (or thick plywood) wider than the unit by around 100mm (6mm thickness OSB Board will be fine).
1: Gently, lift the far end (the direction you want to go) and slide the OSB Board under the shed by a couple of inches.
2: Go back to the other end and push. The unit will simply slide over the OSB Board (almost) effortlessly push the unit until just short of the end of this1st piece of OSB Board, then stop.
3: Place the next piece of OSB Board next to this then continue to push the unit. The unit should slide over onto the next piece of OSB Board. Repeat as many times as necessary.
The unit will slide along the ground with minimal effort.  This only really works for our small units and over a short distance.

How to move a large Asgard shed

In the case of the bigger units we would recommend you don't!   Or at least part dismantle the unit before attempting such a move and not to tackle the big units on your own.  If you push to hard in the wrong direction, the sheer weight of one of our sheds will twist the shed body (and proably your own body as well).