I am delighted with my Asgard bike shed

Customers recommend our 4 bike shed

At Asgard our 4 bike shed has proven popular with customers. With its easy access lift up roof, reinforced all steel construction.... weatherproof panels, shrouded lockign system, built in roof vents and wide double doors, its easy to see why!  
garden bike shed
Customer comments:

'Just wanted to say I am delighted with my Asgard Bike Shed.It was straight forward to assemble and is holding 5 bikes (mix of adult and child)safe and secure. Well worth the money and would recommend to others'. - GSmith

I thought that I would be in for a hard time assembling this unit in the depths of Winter however it is relatively easy to install once you have a solid foundation. The quality of the metal is excellent and the logic behind the hidden bolts and seams is what adds the extra security.The service and communication with Asgard was A1 and they delivered everything in good time.I am now able to put in all family bikes - 2 adults and 2 kids bikes, plus a scooter and skateboard and bike tools, grease and stand-up pump. Plenty of room for it all.The fact that the front doors and the lid open up makes everything accessible. - GFM

Bought my 4-bike unit last spring and couldn't fault the order/delivery process-plenty of communication! Two man team turned up on time and after two hours and two cups of tea, the bike shed was erected. I went for the additional wooden floor which is both sturdy enough to take the weight of 4 bikes as well as keeping everything off the metal floor which may accumulate a limited amount of condensation from time to time. There are vents in any case to minimise condensation and after experiencing the wettest year (2012) on record I can vouch for the fact that the contents remained bone dry throughout! The two security locks are well protected from being tampered with by a would-be thief. I paid a higher price than the current one so value for money should now be a notch higher! - ADG

For years I carried my bike through the house to a shed in our garden. Or I left it in the hallway where it dripped water on the floor (I cycle on a dialy basis and sometime just could not be bothered to take it though the house - we have no side entry to the back garden). The shed is in our front garden and is very safe and visually (reasonably) attractive. It has great capacity (we have had four in there sometimes). It is also easy to assemble. I laid down some paving stones and ensured they were reasonably flat. Then in a few hours I put it together. I needed a person to hold the back and sides in place whilt I put in the screws etc. But that was it. Quite easy to assemble and no fuss to use. Happy to recommend it as a stylish solution to the practical problem of safe cycle storage. We have had it for over a year now and just wish we'd installed it years ago.- Nick

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