How to store fishing reels

Where to keep fishing equipment

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For many anglers, the fishing season draws to a closewith the on set of the winter months. By taking a little time and effort, you can insure that when next season rolls around, your gear, especially your fishing reels, will be ready to go when you are. Too often we have a tendency to just put them up for the winter and expect them to perform the next time weuse them. By following a simple procedure outlined here, you'll be ready whenthe fish are.

Things You'll Need

Soap Water All-purpose oil or Vaseline Old, clean socks.

Where to store fishing equipment


1) Clean your reels thoroughly. Now is the time to dismantle your reels, wash them in hot soapy water and remove the old used line, just be sure to allow them to completely dry before moving on to Step

2) Lubricate all moving parts after the reels have completely dried. It is imperative that this step be done so that the parts will be fully functional for the next fishing season.Most parts can be oiled with a common all-purpose oil. The gears, however,should be greased. Vaseline is a wonderful lubricant for greasing the gears. Apply it liberally, crank the handle to allow the Vaseline to fully engage the moving parts and wipe off the excess. Most sporting goods stores sell lubricants for fishing reels if you do not have any around the house.

3) Store your clean and lubricated reels in old clean socks from your drawer. They make for perfect reel storage. Simply put the cleaned and lubricated reel into a sock, and store it in a dryplace.

4) When the next fishing season rolls around, just add new line and you are ready to go. Other methods of storage, such as a wrap that goes around the reel while still attached to the rod, will also suffice.

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