How to stay safe in the garden

    Keep safe in your garden 

    Take a look at these tips to help you stay safe in your garden. 

    stay safe your garden

    • Always gather and store garden tools after gardening. Check to see that you didn't leave shears or sharp tools lying on the ground or among the plants. Use a tool basket or bag to keep them organized and to quickly see if anything is missing or misplaced.
    • Store garden hoses properly. Use a hose reel or hose pot, or coil them neatly before putting them away. This will prevent entanglements and tripping while walking or mowing. 
    • Properly storing garden hoses also helps prolong their lifespan.
    • Check faucets after gardening. Open or leaking faucets can cause pooling water or spillovers into walkways that could cause slips and falls.
    • Always use the right tools for the job. Using the wrong tools can lead to strains, muscle pains, torn ligaments, and all kinds of stress. There's always an appropriate tool for every gardening job; don't make do with substitutes because it could lead to injury.
    • Wear gardening gloves. Aside from protecting your hands from the roughness of rocks, soil and other ground debris; gloves will keep your skin safe from germs and toxic substances.
    • Use a cart to haul heavy rocks, soil and garden decor. There is no sense in breaking your back while gardening.
    • Pressure wash walkways, pavers and stepping stones that have become moldy and slippery.
    • Pick up stray rocks or pebbles from the lawn because they could become dangerous projectiles when the lawnmower runs over them.
    • Consider hiring a professional for complex jobs like cutting down a big tree or landscaping a large area. Professionals can do the job better and keep you safe from accidents.
    • Check the weather before engaging in serious gardening chores. Knowing what to expect helps you protect yourself from untoward and unpleasant gardening incidents, like suffering from heat stroke or getting struck by lightning.

    Be safe in your Garden.