Motorcycle theft prevention

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Tips on MotorbikeSecurity:

  • Before anything else you need to get your bike insured so that it is stolen it will not seem as if life as you know it is ending.
  • It is definitely worth checking special Datatag or Alphadot Identification Bike Security which marks your bike with hidden codes that can only be read with special scanners, before doing anything else. Most police forces now have these and so it can make it easier to recover a stolen bike.
  • The main thing to remember is that the name of this game is to persuade the thief that there is much easier prey out there than your bike. The more difficult it appears to steal - the less likely the thief will try, and if he does, well of course you make it as tough as possible for him to steal it by having solid motorbike security
  • Secure your motorbike with two different types of locks. Professional thieves generally specialise in one type of lock.
  • Many a cheap steel gives up the ghost when treated with ice spray. High-quality locks are resistant to ice spray attacks and carry a certification seal to this effect. 
  • Always try and cover your motorcycle as this is one additional thing the thieves have to get through to steal your bike.
  • Make sure that all the motorbike security that you buy is either Thatcham or Sold Secure approved, as these met the highest standards in the industry. Thatcham is an approved testing agency and so even though it will be more expensive it will be near impossible for a thief to get through it.
  • Another certification stamp that is recognised by the international test institutes labels is the VdS certificate. This certificate is given to top-security products that are distinguished by the solid use of hi-tech materials and high-quality locking systems.
  • Avoid locks that feature tubular cylinders (the ones with the round key) as these particular locks are child's play to pick
  • Trials, Moto Cross and Enduro bikes are more difficult to trace when stolen, so they attract more interest from the thieves. If you own one of these types of bikes you really need to take your bike security that much more seriously.
  • Never leave any accessories on your bike.


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  • Always engage your steering lock
  • If you are parking your bike in a high crime area it might be worth leaving your seat open so that thieves do not break the seat lock when searching for items to steal
  • Think twice about having expensive logo stickers plastered all over your bike as this is a great way to market the expense of your bike to thieves
  • You can register your bike with the DVLA so that the police will have records of your engine and frame numbers. If you have an off-roadbike then you can register it with a private agency.
  • Consider a dedicated motorcycle garage. These standalone units are often much stronger and more secure than a conventional domestic garage. These purpose-built units are designed to house multiple bikes and equipment.
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