How to get the best insurance for your bicycle

Why do I need insurance for my bike?

The rising number of cyclists on Britain's roads has inevitably led to a rising number of bicycle thefts and accidents so it is no surprise a market for specialist bike insurance has emerged. 

If you have just bought yourself a new bicycle, or have been cycling for years, one of the main things to consider would be how to keep it safe and protected. Whether you use your bicycle for practical purposes such as travelling to work, for leisure, fitness or riding competitively, it's well worth taking out an insurance policy to protect you against theft, damage or accidents.

Think about bike security before cycling off into the sunset!

Before you begin

Before you apply for insurance for your bicycle, check you Home Contents Policy.  Many people will have cover for their bicycles under their home contents insurance policies, but bear in mind that some insurers do not include bikes in these policies.

Whats included in bicycle insurance policies?

  • Most specialist bike insurance cover a range of options including:
  • Third-party or public liability, the costs of causing accidents to other road-users and their property
  • Accidental damage to your own bicycle following an accident or fire
  • Hiring a replacement bicycle if yours is stolen or damaged
  • Roadside recovery  to help you get home if you break down mid-journey
  • Accidents abroad it covers your bike while you are abroad
Should you have an accident, injure another person or damage their property while cycling, a bike insurance policy will cover the payments.  Bicycle insurance is particularly worth looking into if you have a very expensive bike or are a regular commuter on busy roads or often leave it parked in public places.
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