How to get back your stolen bike

How can I get my stolen bike back?

Things to do to retrieve your stolen bike

If you ever are unlucky enough to experience getting your bike stolen, there are a few things that you can do to get it back!

File a police report

Inform the police as soon as possible, providing as much information as you can.

Contact your insurance company

If your bike is insured, be sure to let your insurance company know about it as soon as possible.

Get alerts from eBay

It isn't unusual for bike thieves to sell stolen bikes on eBay. Sign up and create a saved search with your bike criteria. This will give you automatic updates of new bikes that match that model. If you see your bikeon eBay you can then report it to the police.

Get alerts from Gumtree

Do the same as with eBay, set up an email alert to let youknow when new bikes go up for sale.

Alert friend on Facebook and twitter

Social media is a great way to spread the word. Post the details of your bike, where it was stolen and a picture if you have one. Friends and followers will then be able to pass these on.

Get your bike back after theft
To prevent bike theft keep your bike safe in an Asgard bike storage unit, designed to keep thieves out!