How to build Asgard Motorbike Storage Unit

Installing your Asgard Motorbike unit

At Asgard we offer a fantastic, hassle free installation service. However if you do want to build your storage unit yourself, it is easy to do with the step-by-step instructions supplied.


Before attempting to build your motorbike garage, please make sure that you have prepared a level, concrete base for your garage to sit on.

To build this metal garage you will need:

  • An electric screwdriver.
  • A traditional screwdriver for fitting the doors.
  • A Spanner if you are bolting your garage to the ground.
  • A friend, as it is recommended that two people carry out this task.

Place the 3 floor sections onto the concrete base and screw these together. Then secure the right rear side and right back panel to the rear floor panel. Followed by the left rear side and left back panel. Screw these panels together, putting silicon sealant between each panel as you go. The silicon is used to keep heavy rain out.

how to build an Asgard motorbike garage
Putting together the Asgard motorbike garage

The vented side panel section should be added next, followed by the rear roof section.

Installaling an Asgard metal garage
Fitting the motorbike garage roof

Secure into place the final front side panels of the garage, again remembering to add silicon sealant between each section. Follow this step by screwing the middle roof section into position.

Building the Asgard motorbike garage
Use an electric screwdriver to build your Asgard

The front fascia goes on next, followed by final roof section.

Now switching to your traditional screw driver, screw the doors into place. During this section of the installation, make sure that the doors are supported at all times to ensure correct alignment.

How to put together your Asgard motorbike garage
Securing the motorcycle garage doors

Cover channels now need to be fitted over the seams on the inside of the unit. Once this has been done, you’re ready to secure the shed base down to concrete using the supplied fixing bolts.

Finally you are ready to lay down the protective wooden floor and fit the ramp.

Now you’ve finished and your Asgard Motorbike Garage is ready to use!

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