How did you find placing your Asgard order?

Feedback on asgard customer service

With years of secure storage manufacturing experience, the bike storage range from Asgard are the best available, well designed, high quality and manufactured in the UK - so we always like to know what customers who have installed an Asgard Bike Shed think about it.  We asked Mr Duncan who recently ordered an Addition bike storage unit along with the Accessory Pack from Asgard what he thought about his new bike storage unit and accessory pack.

How did you find placing the order and the delivery of your unit from Asgard?
"The Asgard bike box was delivered quickly and efficiently by a couple of nice northern lads in their 'wagon'.  I built it in the time it took me to drink 2 small bottles of ale, and the end result was a solid, safe and burglar proof box,  designed and manufactured in England , which was wonderful to see that we still make something, and something which you normally see online which looks great but once you've  taken all the land fill packaging off is just a piece of cheap Chinese rubbish!  Not with this though, bring back the manufacturing and stop working in call centres kids!"
Addition Bike Store

"So all in all happy customer will buy one again without a doubt, good stuff keep up the good work lads n lasses, big box little box small fish big fish.  Thanks..." Duncan