Horse tack thieves out in force!

What is the best way to secure tack?

As you will know from our Shedforce twitter feed and the blog, we are constantly updating you with theft news. Everyday new stories are published regarding a variety of different thefts from garden, shed, bike, and motorcycle to fishing tackle theft.  However in the last couple of weeks more and more horse equipment and tack thefts have been in the news from different parts of the country.

In Leominster over a £1,000 worth of horse training equipment was stolen from a barn. Thieves gained access into the barn by cutting a padlock off a gate and another padlock off the barn door. Read more on horse tack theft 

How to protect your horse riding equipment

Give your horse riding equipment the best possible protection with an Asgard Tack Storage Box. These metal storage units have been designed with security in mind and have been fitted with the highest quality security features. These features have helped our metal tack storage box achieve approval by the Loss Prevention Certification Board. This certification may help to reduce insurance premiums. 

High security tack storage

The Asgard tack storage box has:

  • Reinforced doors, hinges and panels
  • A strong 5 point locking system
  • A full metal floor
  • A pick resistant lock

An Asgard tack storage box is tough enough to use as a standalone storage unit, but can also be used inside a stable or barn as an additional security measure. 

Find out more about Asgard Tack Storage.