Home parcel delivery solution from Asgard

So exactly what is a home delivery parcel box?


Why use a home delivery box?

Are you like us? Do you never seem to have enough time in the day?  Has the ease and convenience of ordering your goods online been ruined by the fact you are not at home to receive the goods?

Are you fed up of spending your Saturday morning queuing at the Post Office depot with your little red 'sorry we missed you' card in your hand.

Well with a parcel delivery box, you will no longer have change your day to suit the post. Just go to work as normal, when you return home your parcel will be dry and safe in your parcel delivery box.

So exactly what is a home delivery parcel box?

Home delivery boxes are a simple and hassle free solution.  Let's not forget Christmas is coming. Many stores are already having sales with a view to beating the VAT increase in January so internet deliveries are increasing rapidly. If you are organized you may already be buying your pressies?

Not only is a Home Delivery box good for you, it's also good for the environment.

You will save:

  • Petrol:  No driving to the depot
  • Time: Relax at home rather than going and collecting your parcel.
  • The world: Your carbon footprint is reduced, as is the couriers (no collections or redelivery)

You can also choose the least popular delivery slots for your shopping which are often cheaper.

As an extra bonus you can arrange your local shop to get the essential groceries delivered while you are away on holiday  imagine coming home to a box full of shopping ready for meal straight, out of the taxi? Bliss.


Internet sales are rising day by day

Online sales grew by 18% in the month compared with a year earlier, the biggest jump since 2007, IMRG said.  On Average every person in the UK spent £81 online in July this year.  So that post office depot will be getting busier and busier every Saturday morning, fuel is going up almost weekly. Avoid the queues, the cost and the hassle. Get a home delivery system.

So what are the options? 

Can I just use a spare Wheelie Bin ? 

Often we have been asked, what about just ordering an extra wheelie bin from the council? They are free! and large enough for most parcels. This is true. Unfortunately we have heard of many people doing this only to find their important parcel crushed in the back of the rubbish truck!
If your considering getting a Parcel Box for your home - make sure you read this checklist here of what to look out for before you order one!