High security metal cycle garages from Asgard

The Annexe high security shed

Metal storage is superior to wooden storage - Metal is strong and durable.  All of our sheds are made from heavy duty, weatherproof steel - giving you superior strength and are virtually maintenance free.   Our Annexe bike shed is insurance approved for even greater peace of mind.

Customer comments:

"Thanks very much for installing my new Asgard Shed,it blends away well around the background being green, looks tough and is really easy to use. It has solved all our Storage needs. The workmen who came to fit it were quick efficient and accurate with their installation. Thanks again"

Instructions very clear, did the assembly on my own in about 2 hours max. Unit is very strong and secure but also discreet. Colour match pretty universal in cream. Cleans up nicely with warm soapy water to get rid of leaf stains. After 18 months in terrible weather the unit looks pretty much like new. Couple of thoughts1. Why only 3 bikes? 4 makes so much more sense but the 4 unit is too big for most gardens I'd bet. With some pushing and pulling I can just about get 4 in (but not so easily out!)2. Minor point. The door closes too easily! Mine's on a slight slope and the door swings shut on the front wheel as I load my bike in. Why not a door hinge that can stay open until I decide to close it? - RD

metal cycle storage units
I was pleasantly surprised when my bike storage unit arrived. The unit was very straight forward to build as it came with a decent set of easy to read instructions. The unit is obviously well made, the finish quality is exceptional for the money. All the welding is tidy, the holes all line up, all the bits were there and it was delivered on time. The level of security is exceptional, bolts, 5 point, pick resistant locking, ground anchoring and reinforced steel tube sections give incredible peace of mind. Actually, if anything I would say these are more secure than they need to be. A nice touch is the fact that the unit does not look like a bike storage unit, deliberate or not this element of discretion is just as important as the amount of locks. A passing thief would never know I have nearly 10k of bikes in there. - ADH

 As you can see, the Annese bike shed is tough, strong and heavy duty! Find out more on the Annexe high security units