Asgard Bike Locker Customer Review

Asgard Bike Lockers for the home - Customer Review

Asgard have designed and manufactured a wide range of flexible bike storage solutions for the home and garden. Whether you have a single bike, a couple of bikes, four or more, you will find the bike storage solution for you at Asgard.
For example, when there are a family of cyclists with 2 adult bikes and 2 children bickes, or you are a keen cyclist with 4 adult sized bikes, storing them safe and secure can be tricky. However, one of our customers, Jenny Hall found a way to keep all her bikes in 2 Bike Lockers from Asgard. We asked her how she felt about her new Bike Lockers and the customer service she received from Asgard.
Customer review:
"As you can see we have 2 cycle storage sheds placed together. They were constructed by one of your staff who did it very efficiently."
Bike Lockers Installed
Front View - Two Bike Lockers installed in front garden
installed Bike Lockers
Side View - Bike Lockers fitted by Asgard
open Bike Lockers
Bike Lockers storing 2 bikes
secure Bike Lockers
Secure Bike Lockers for convenient access.
"Its made a great difference with not having to carry our bikes up the front steps and ruining the hallway walls. I would recommend them. We have had metal racks put up inside the sheds to stop them falling against each other and makes it easier to push them into the shed." - Jenny Howell
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