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Here is a school who chose 2 Centurions and a Gladiator Plus 1 for their playground storage.

big sheds from asgard secure steel storage


What do our customers think?

"Asgard metal storage sheds have given us peace of mind as we know our equipment is safe and secure and is easy for the children to access at a moments notice."  View the Asgard school storage range

"Our metal sheds look great in our new outdoor area. They blend into our eco environment whilst keeping our enrichment boxes and equipment safe, all our stuff is both dry and accessible. Thank you."

"Our Asgard storage shed has provided clean, secure and easily accessible storage for our equipment. Installation was quick and efficient. In fact we were so satisfied that we have recently ordered a 2nd."

"really impressed with the general service from Asgard - the storage sheds are very well made and nice to see a UK made product"

"Quality British product from a quality British supplier, thank you" 

"An Asgard metal storage shed is one of the heaviest and best quality on the market their self weight within them often mean that anchoring the base is not required".


All Asgard metal storage is made from heavy duty, galvanised steel - this makes each of our units not just secure, but also weather resistant.  Each of our units is fitted with a hidden vent system, this allows air flow around the inside of the unit - so reduces condensation inside, keeping your equipment secure and dry.

Security is taken care of with the range of 3 or 5 point locking systems all of which feature our pick and drill resistant locks.  Many of our metal storage sheds are Locksmiths approved and/or insurance you can be sure of the quality of our products.

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