Garden Security and Garden Insurance

Make sure your garden is protected 

Check contents insurance covers garden essentials
With the summer months nearly here it's worth checking that your home contents insurance policy is up to date to cover everything you have invested in your garden.

These days all types of garden storage will contain many valuable possessions from expensive lawn mowers and gardening equipment. Whilst many of use may believe that these are not worth too much it's only if you have a burglary that the cost of replacement suddenly becomes a harsh reality and something you may not have insurance cover for.

During the summer garden burglaries become more common and many people don't have their gardening equipment securely locked away so it's easy for thieves to get into sheds or other storage in a garden and simply walk away with everything you have.

There are two things you could do to help prevent a financial loss.

Firstly is to ensure that all garden storage is secure. This will include shed doors to have a good solid lock so the door can't be opened without force and any other storage such as benches are also locked securely. A tough metal shed is normally the best option here. If you have a garage then perhaps this is the best place to store the most valuable equipment such as any petrol or electrical items from lawn mowers to hedge trimmers.

So now may be a good time to check doors and any older storage you have to ensure it's secure for the opportunist burglar so it's not a simple job just to open a door and take whatever you have. If a new metal shed is out of your price range at the moment, why not try just upgrading the locks??

Protect you garden equipment with a Metal Shed

Secondly is to check that you have adequate insurance cover. Many home contents insurance policies automatically cover you for garden equipment but this may only be up to a certain amount and once you deduct any excess you may have to pay the cost of claiming may not be worth it. Additionally some policies don't cover gardens as standard and you may have to explicitly mention this to your insurer. If you have expensive equipment that's worth over £500 or sometimes just £200 you may have to specifically mention this to your insurance company.

So now is a good time to check any contents insurance policy and see exactly what garden essentials you are actually covered for and make any amendments to have cover just in case you may need it.

If you have an old rotting wooden shed it may be wise to check for investing into a new one as this will not only be more secure for your belongings but also keep them away from the wind and rain so they will last longer.

Wooden sheds are not secure

Wooden sheds are not secure

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