Asgard fishing tackle store with hidden screws

Safe fishing tackle storage

Our large fishing tackle storage unit is made from weatherproof steel panels and has been designed with no exposed screw ends, or sharp dangerous edges for your safety.

Fishing tackle store with no exposed screws

This is just one of the many features on the Asgard range of fishing tackle storage units. These metal storage units also feature:

  • An integral metal floor - stack your equipment from ceiling to floor
  • A tough 3 point locking system - for storage security
  • A euro cylinder lock - pick and drill resistant to help prevent theft
  • An integral wind and rain guard- to keep the bad weather out

With the Asgard fishing tackle storage unit is the ideal place for all your fishing equipment, keeping it securely locked out of sight.

Get the best security for your fishing equipment with Asgard. View the full range of Asgard fishing tackle storage