Fishing tackle storage for your hobby

Storing fishing tackle securely 

Fishing is enjoyable and ever increasing hobby, but the smell can be off putting. Most people do not like that to linger in their home once the fun and adrenaline has ended, or to hear their wife nagging them about the smell. Finding a suitable place to store your fishing tackle and keep that odor out of the home can be difficult.

strorage for your fishing equipment
Fishing equipment is expensive and needs to be stored correctly to protect the items from damage. Buying a storage unit for your fishing items is always a wise investment and will save you from plenty of ear ache about the smell! Inside this metal storage unit, there is plenty of room for all of your fishing equipment and accessories. This steel storage unit is sleek and compact and will look great in any outdoor area.

Asgard secure storage offer fishing equipment storage that is also insurance approved. This certification, provided by the Loss Prevention Certification Board, may help to reduce insurance premiums. To achieve this classifcation, this metal storage unit has been fitted with:

  • An integral metal floor
  • A 5 point locking system
  • A Pick resistant euro cylinder lock
  • Reinforced doors, hinges and panels

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