Got a KTM? Need a secure motorcycle shed?

"now I have space for my KTM adventure"

Our motorbike garages are a great alternative to building a traditional domestic garage.  Such a garage can cost up to £8000!!!  crazy money, when you can buy a secure motorbike shed from Asgard.   Our purpose built motorbike sheds require no planning permission (in most cases), they are made from heavy duty steel - which is galvanised making it weatherproof!  Our garages are fitted with a 5 point locking system, integral metal base so they really are very secure.  

Still not convinced???  Our motorbike garages are also UK locksmiths approved!

The features don't end there - hidden vents inside the roof all air to circulate inside, reducing condensation inside... Further vents on the side of the unit allow exhaust fumes to escape.

Read a customer experience:

"I was very impressed with the whole package - the fit and finish of the panels is really good. and I now have space for my KTM adventure, plus a tool bench and a wheeled tool box, with space to spare. I assembled it on my own on a relatively windy day --in about 4 hours which included moving the panels from the front of the house to the back - although two people would have made it easier!

If there is a negative , it was that the dispatcher told me it would arrive between 11am and 1pm - and it arrived at 7:30am ! so the leisurely setting up and moving of things didn't go to plan!I would thoroughly recommend the Asgard store, just get up early!" - JW

great motorcycle security from asgard

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