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Descent world Asgard review
To read the full Bike Storage article click here "Sadly one of the most discussed topics on ours, and many other bike forums is that of bike theft. Unsurprisingly theft is worst in city centre areas, just where space is at a premium; flat living with no garage access hardly makes secure storage easy. So we are on a mission to help you keep your bike secure, over the next couple of articles we will look at keeping your pride and joy safe from tea leafs. First up, where to keep it?

Step in Asgard Secure Steel Storage with their excellent Access Bike Store, this is their mid range bespoke bike storage unit designed to fit up to 4 bikes however everything from single bike to 6 bike options are available. They tell us this 4 bike unit is one of their most popular so it seemed like a good option, it also is fairly reasonable on the budget at £499 (though currently on offer at £449), now while some might think that sounds like a lot, when you consider you are getting a tonne of high quality metal shed to store several grand worth of bikes in it, seems like a no brainer to us.

Your first option is whether to indulge in some DIY or have Asgard build the unit for you at an additional £100. Presuming most of you reading this are pretty mechanically literate we would recommend the DIY option and keeping the £100 in your pocket for some high quality locks. Basically the worlds biggest meccano set with a very easy to follow set of instructions we had it up in a couple of hours, you will however need 2 people due to the size and weight of some parts. The trickier part of construction was the levelling of the ground beforehand, the unit needs to sit on solid level ground. If it doesn't then it will both prevent you from properly anchoring the unit to the ground and if not level will prevent the locks alligning properly when closing so taking some time to do this bit properly is essential.

Usability of the unit is top notch. Access is gained through large double front doors aswell as the whole roof of the unit lifting up making getting bikes in and out a breeze. The inside itself is particularly spacious, initial concerns that 4 bikes was a little optimistic proved unfounded with 4 bikes fitting with ease along with my strimmer and tool boxes! True if you want to stick 4 big DH bikes in there you may struggle but the combination of a big bike, a couple of road bikes and a commuter was no problem.

For those of you used to having your bikes inside your house will of course be concerned about protection from the elements aswell. No concerns here, all access points are well shielded from the elements and the galvanised steel construction should give great protection over time, so much so that Asgard are confident enough to sell it with a 10 year warranty.

Lastly, and most importantly security. Now we should point out at this point that we are not security experts ourselves, nor have we recruited our local thieves to try and break in to the unit however we are pretty confident that getting into this would take a lot of time, effort and noise. For a start the unit is securely bolted to the floor using 4 bolts provided (you will need a masonry drill for this), Asgard also provide security packs with it which include ground anchors that can be drilled through the floor, we will take a look at these in a later article. All access points are secure with hinges etc. hidden and shielded from view, even the padlocks are hidden behind padlock shrouds meaning only the key hole is visible, making cutting of them essentially impossible.

All in all we have nothing but praise for the unit. Easy to use and something we wouldn't hesitate in recommending for keeping your pride and joy inside. Watch out for the second article in the series where we will take a look at security options for securing your bikes inside."

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