Creating a base for the Flexistore 1533

If you are thinking about purchasing the Flexistore 1533 Garden shed garden shed, before your shed arrives, check that the location and the foundation that you will place the Flexistore1533 Garden Shed is suitable for installation.

Building an Asgard shed base
The following guide will help you to prepare a base for your shed.

1)  Is your chosen location suitable?- check that there are no plants/bushes close to the unit.

Be sure to make sure there are no plants or bushes surrounding the metal shed as this will cause excessive moisture to enter the unit through the shed vents and can cause dampness.

2) Is the foundation firm and suitable?- Prepare a solid concrete foundation for the shed to sit on.

This metal garden shed is made from galvanised steel panels and weighs 284kg, it needs to be fixed on a solid base to prevent it moving around after installation. We recommend using a concrete or tarmac foundation which is at least 100mm deep and is wider than the base of the unit.  Please note that the base of the Flexistore metal shed measures at 1730mm x 3770mm.

Alternatively you can use paving slabs or flagstones which are stable, solid and fixed to the ground (i.e. not sitting on top of gravel).

Make sure that the concrete foundation is completely dry before installing the unit on top.

3) Do you have a level base? - Check that your base is level and firm.

You should use a spirit level to check the base is completely flat and level, before the delivery of your unit has taken place.
Need to check the Asgard unit base-size? Refer to our shed base sizes table here.

4) Please ensure there is sufficient room around the shed for ventilation. 

Leave room around your shed to allow for shed ventilation and to help circulate airflow.
Building a base for your Asgard shed


Assembly of the Asgard Metal Storage Units

The majority of Asgard units are self assembly, and a copy of easy-to-follow illustrated instructions with all the necessary fixtures and fittings are provided with the unit. Shed Assembly instructions for your Asgard shed can also be downloaded from the Asgard website.

Installation Service

An assembly Service for Asgard sheds is also available, please contact us for more details.