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Building an Asgard Shed - Step by Step

How to build an Asgard shed

It doesn't take a shed expert to build one of our Asgard Sheds, which is why our sheds are self-assembly  all you need is a screwdriver and a friend to help you put together an Asgard Storage Unit.

To show you how simple it was we sent one of our Flexistore units from our metal garden shed range to John from the Secrets of Shedbuilding website to test it out for himself.  Scroll down to see how he got on, or read the full step-by-step guide here.

Building an Asgard Shed - Step by Step

This Asgard Shed Review goes into a lot more detail about the sequence of construction of the Asgard Flexistore. The first ten pictures show the shed build progress panel by panel. At the end I use a few close up pictures to show the build quality of the Asgard Shed and specific details that I talked about in the main review article.

The whole build took about 3 hours and was fun to do because of the speed of progress. The panels fitted together well and there were no major hitches. The most important factor for me was the preparation, ensure that you have a good level base and your build should go well too!

Here are the construction sequence pictures

asgard shed

Step 1: I built the shed base before I started the shed assembly.

The integral shed floor was just placed on the timber deck. It is critical to the alignment of all the holes that are used to fix the panels together that the shed is built on a level surface.

Asgard supply some shims to help you take out a bit of irregularity, probably 5-15mm here and there. It is really up to you to make sure that your starting point is a flat as possible.

asgard shed

Step 2: The first panel just slots into position. I leant it against the wall while I went to get the second panel to fix to it.

asgard shed

Step 3: You will need someone to hold the two panels while you start to fix the panels together along the joints using the self-tapping screws.

During construction I put the panels in place and secured them with 3 or 4 screws before putting the next panel in place. I came back when all the shed panels were in place to fix the remaining screws in the empty holes

asgard shed

Step 4: The second rear wall panel is located.

asgard shed

Step 5: With the second side wall panel in place the shed starts to take shape.

asgard shed

Step 6: First panel to the side of the door.

asgard shed

Step 7: Second panel to the side of the door.

asgard shed

Step 8: The panel over the door is put in place to complete the outside walls.

asgard shed

Step 9: The roof is lifted in to place.

The roof is fixed to the walls with the same self tapping screws as the rest of the building. With a fixing every 125mm or so along the panel edge this makes for a very secure seam.

asgard shed

Step 10: The final step is to hang the door.

The door hinges are fixed with normal metric bolts into pre-tapped holes.

Now for the close up details of the Asgard shed

asgard shed

Holes along the panel joints This is a close up of the holes that are used to fix the panel joints. The self-tapping screws fit through the slotted holes and then cut their own thread through the smaller circular hole behind it.

asgard shed

Fixing of panel joints This close up shows the joint between two panels and a self-tapping screw in place. The box formation of the panel joint allows the two panels to slot together very cleanly. The self tapping screws then make sure that the two joints are locked together.

asgard shed

General view of panel joints It was a bit difficult to take this shot. What I hope it shows is the number and frequency of fixings that hold the shed together. The frequency and number of fixings make the asgard shed very secure. It would be very difficult, and noisy, for a burglar to break in.

asgard shed

A view of the inside of the shed door The door is secured into the door frame at the top, bottom and next to the door handle. The door lock is a cylinder lock and so very secure.

asgard shed

The shed door hinges A detail of the shed hinge. The door went on very easily with all the holes lining up and the door fitting and closing well. The fixings for the door were into pre-tapped holes.

asgard shed

Ventilator over the shed door The ventilation grill above the door. There is additional provision for airflow around the eaves.

Metal sheds are often criticized for build up of moisture and condensation. Asgard have addressed this in the design by the provision for ventilation at roof level. Airflow is important to enable moisture from damp items stored in the shed to disperse and so avoid problems with condensation.

To read the full article - visit the Secrets of Shed building website here

Why choose an Asgard Metal Shed

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